The miracle of PH My diet concentrate on Importance Alkaline foods, in order For Recovery the body pH balance. eat food a lot acid formation food Several medical reasons troubles. on The the opposite alkaline Offer food feed For The body according For The alkaline nature For his cells. whether You He follows The PH miracle diet, You will be Protect yourself Since dangerous pests could Demolition for you Health and wellbeing.

Communication among the parasites and PH

The intracellular PH of the human body is around 7.4, which means it is slightly alkaline. Dangerous parasites, such as viruses, amoebae, protozoa, harmful bacteria and towards you can not survival in a fashion This between 7.2 and 7.4.


Most Americans follow a My diet This Create a lot For sour In The intracellular level For The body. This Leads to condition appointed acidosis, any He is The Major a pattern a lot health troubles.


Parasites can live comfortably in acidic conditions. If you want to be healthy, you must take alkaline formation No acid formation, My diet.

Acid formation nature For treaty sugar

with overshoot time, OUR normal Eating habits U.S Corpses Also alkaline or acid Starches and processing sugars both very Important parts of The american diet, make the body more acid natural sources of sugar, on other to put back, understand vitamins and minerals, Which processed sugar is not. The fruit may be sour, but the minerals it contains help build it cells the body Convert these acids alkali. that’s it something This processed sugar He is No able For Do. SO, When You consume processed sugar, You launch big A lot of sour inside for you body.

Results For a acid formation Diet: candidiasis

A very acidic body at the intracellular level becomes a friendly host for all kinds of organisms dangerous parasites. In addition, He she Also causes the leap For candidiasis, a friendly intestinal natural yeast.

candidiasis He is held under control by friendly bacteria that He lives for the long way with He she. When the person takes Also a lot For sugar And antibiotics, The friendly bacteria that coexistence with candidiasis death. Right away, Candida mutates and grows out of control. This condition is known as Candidiasis, which is characterized by an uncontrollable craving for sugar, a chronic dry yeast infection leather, lumen infection, Acne, And exhaustion.

Impact For parasites On the body

Under normal circumstances, dangerous worms leave the body, unable to live in the intestines. In In the case of candidiasis, the same worms find a very hospitable environment in the intestine and Complete to live.

Parasites destroy cells faster than the body can regenerate them. them too The release of toxic substances that can and can cause allergic reactions Develop sensitivity to certain types food. Parasites too invade the handkerchiefs The body And a pattern inflammation walls The Intestine. LAW to parasites, fabric the body Become Unable to operate properly.

Finally, Parasites cause blockages For The members, any returning lose they ability For job. immunity System Become weak and unable protect The body against Harmful bacteria and viruses. Parasites even prevent the body from effectively absorbing nutrients Requires.

To avoid all these problems, it is important to maintain an alkaline state in your body. intracellular level. You can do this by following the PH Miracle Diet, an alkaline diet that can Maintains The PH level Since 7.2 to 7.4, a State in which Serious pests cannot survive.

Even if you’re used to an acidifying diet, simply switching to a more alkaline diet will cause your blood pressure to rise. Parasites outside your body. The PH miracle diet will reverse the acidification process inside for you body and do it very difficult place for parasites live In.

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