Feed and correct eat food For The big it depends; he counts on on Several factors. The Corpses For The The elderly have undergone several changes. Bones and muscles gave way to fat because For inactive state hormones.

several Factors Possesses a impact For The health And Good be For The big. here is something nutritional Information This will be He is For great aid for you Regardless of For for you age.

The water


The body’s water content decreases with age, which is why older people have a lot of it are dehydrated. Older people should bear this in mind and drink at least regularly ounce For the water For Each 2.2 pounds or pounds in weight For body Lester.



Protein is essential for the elderly. They need it to maintain a healthy immune system and prevent the muscle from Emaciation far. In The even time, they Do No Need This a lot For energy. foods like egg, chick, Meat, And Fish, It is low in fat sources For protein it’s too much a lot necessary for old people.

Carbohydrates And The fiber

The whole body gets its energy from carbohydrates. Bread, pasta, cereals and other cereals Rich in carbohydrates. You can prevent constipation by eating a diet rich in water and The fiber.


The My diet For older People should be A little with fat, No fat free. You can limit for you fat Enters included to lose weight Meat And low fat note products. so far As much as possible, Do No fry for you food In oil.


Iron deficiency is common in older people who don’t eat much. These people should eat a lot For breakfast corn chips Or Red meat


Big find the corpses He she difficult For absorb zinc. You He should Take Fish, Poultry, and meat In ask For Satisfaction zinc requirements For for you body.


Most older people don’t get enough calcium. Older people need at least 1500 mg calcium for each day.

a lot For THE big Avoid while drinking Milk Out For The fear that He she maybe annoyed they digestive Process. whether You hate milk, you can use skimmed milk powder instead of milk. You can also get it THE calcium Request food as low fat cheese, Broccoli, and yogurt.

Vitamine B12

Vitamin B12 is normally absorbed by intrinsic factor in the stomach. Many older people suffer Since Vitamin B12 deficiency because they he suffers Since lean Stomach irritation a medical case Is characterized by by ignition For The walls For The stomach, growth For bacteria, and the lack For The intrinsic factor This he is responsible for absorption This vitamin in the system.

Seniors need each of the nutrients listed above to maintain their health condition. Older people should be as active as possible and have a balanced diet. The An aged body may no longer be what it was; It doesn’t mean you have a reason for it neglect he she. You need to take enough nutrition to enjoy for the long way And good for health life.

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