Menopause is closely associated with weight gain in the majority of women over 50. During menopause, women generally gain weight in various parts of their body, especially THE stomach. that’s it odd because younger to lose weight break away acquire lester around they properties.

The reasons for the weight earn at menopause

lester earn during menopause could He is LAW For Major changes In Way of life. hormone Also Possesses a A major role to play even if science still has a lot to understand about hormonal changes menopause.


Menopause marks the end of a woman’s ovulation and menstrual cycle. Now she The body produces less estrogen, which causes ovulation. Low estrogen is associated with weight earn. Animal studies have shown this to be true. The low estrogen level is therefore the reason The road in which Corpses For to lose weight to change menopause.

Changes In The body during menopause


While women tend to store fat around them properties when he is younger, they You start storing fat In bellies, like Men to do while menopause. This Do to lose weight exposure For Coronary artery troubles.

The muscles turn For fat In faster rate in The two women And men as they are Progress in years. the average For metabolism Also slow below. whether You No changes eat you habits in According with THE Changes in your body, you will quickly gain weight. Old people just don’t need a lot calories as is where I did it once.

Hormone to treat

Sometimes the effects of menopause are controlled with estrogen therapy. Studies have revealed that The fact is that hormone therapy does not cause weight gain. Few experienced women Effects like water to safeguard and bloating during at first steps For hormone therapy.

while Hormone therapy decrease THE risk For Coronary artery disturbances Reduce stomach fat And Cholesterol levels, as studies have found that hormone therapy is closely linked released cancer.

Weightloss advice

whether You Find yourself Struggle fat during menopause, You could To try THE the following advice: He eats low in fat, Rich in fiber correct, and a sugar-free diet.

When people get older, they tend to be lethargic. They don’t have to run anymore around get a Countless chores Finished. they No long actively take vacation And the, as a result, become slow in general. You need regular physical activity, especially during this time. are thirty minutes from Moderate exercise salary stay adapted.

Keep your muscles strong. You can strengthen your leg muscles by walking Or Bike and your arm muscles by raise weight.

Do you accept And THE changes This We are plug place In Your body. You maybe, After all, No Be like weight gain as You He thinks You.

Before beginning any My diet Or Convenient diet, To consult for you family doctor. guarantee This You No You have medical conditions. Your doctor will be able to help you deal with any menopause disease sign This You find it painful.

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