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Thinness is measured through what is known as the body mass index (in English: Body mass index), which is an indicator that measures the relationship between height and weight, as it must be for adults between 18.5 and 24.9 in order for it to be considered a healthy weight, and in the case of thinness, the result is less than 18.5, and for thinness Damage and side effects on the body, as it may lead to osteoporosis, irregular menstruation, anemia problems, pregnancy problems, weak immunity, and thinness can be treated in several different ways, which will be mentioned later in the article. 

How to Treat Thinness

The following are ways in which thinness can be treated in its three dimensions: food, sports, and resort to the medical side.

Diet change


There are several ways and changes to the diet that those who suffer from thinness can resort to, including the following:

  • Eat multiple, small meals during the day. As those who suffer from thinness, it may be difficult for them to eat a large meal, as they feel full quickly, so this group is advised to eat 5 to 6 small meals distributed throughout the day, instead of two or three large meals.
  • Avoid drinking liquids before or while eating, as drinking liquids can cause you to feel full.
  • drinking fluids rich in calories; Such as a cocktail or a smoothie, as options rich in calories and nutrients, consisting of milk and fresh or frozen fruits, instead of drinks without calories and low in nutritional value such as coffee or soft drinks.
  • Eating sweets from time to time, but care must be taken that these sweets are healthy and provide nutrients, in addition to calories, and examples of them are; Bran muffins, granola bars, and yogurt.
  • Eat snacks between main meals, especially snacks rich in carbohydrates and protein. Peanut butter, protein bars, hummus, and a handful of almonds.
  • Eat some calorie-rich options, such as; Eggs with cheese, and adding skim milk powder to soups.
  • Avoid food without nutritional value; Although those who suffer from thinness need to eat high calories in order to gain weight, eating foods high in calories and low in nutritional value; Like foods rich in sugar and salt, it may have health effects.
  • Eat foods rich in nutritional value, such as; Bread, pasta, cereals, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, lean protein sources, nuts and seeds.

Doing Exercise


In addition to changes in the diet and the way of eating, it is possible to resort to exercising in order to gain weight, as some people think that exercise is only when planning to lose weight, but in fact some types of exercise help to gain weight by increasing muscle mass, But at the same time, it is preferable to stay away from exercises that lead to fat burning, such as; Aerobic exercises, and among the exercises that increase weight are the following:

  • Push-up exercises.
  • Pull-up exercises, in which a bar or any cylindrical object is used to perform pull-up exercises.
  • Squatting exercises (in English: Squats).

Doctor Consultation

It should be noted here that if weight gain is not achieved by the above methods, or if suffering from mental disorders or an eating disorder, or symptoms indicating poor health, then in this case resort to consulting a specialist doctor. 

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