Does oats help gain weight?


Oats may help to gain weight, as well as may contribute to weight loss, as it is one of the foods rich in fiber, and therefore it depends on the amount of it eaten, as well as what is added to the oats of various additives, so each cup of cooked oats contains approximately 130 calories, If the goal is to gain weight, you can get a full cup, and if the goal is to lose weight, you can get 1/2 cup, and it is worth noting that oats contain many nutrients that are beneficial to health.

It must be clarified that there is no single type of food that helps in gaining weight or losing weight on its own, and therefore the correct way to gain healthy weight is to follow a balanced diet to gain weight, just like the weight loss program.

How to use oats to gain weight


Rolled or crushed oats are often used to make oatmeal, various baked goods, or granola, and oat flakes can be ground in two degrees:

  • Quick oats.
  • Instant oats, which are softer than instant oats, but both can be cooked quickly and easily.

Here are some ideas through which oats can be included in the daily diet in various dishes:

How to eat oatmeal for breakfast

  • Oatmeal porridge: Oatmeal porridge can be prepared for breakfast through the following steps:

  1. 1/2 cup of instant oats.
  2. A cup of whole milk.
  3. Mix the ingredients and put on the fire until it boils, then reduce the heat until the oats are tender.
  4. Many flavorings can be added to the porridge; such as cinnamon, fresh and dried fruits; Such as bananas, dates, raisins, nuts, peanut butter, and seeds such as chia seeds, as these additions also increase the calories of the dish.
  • Oats with milk and chia seeds: It consists of oats, with milk, and chia seeds, which are mixed well, then almonds and dried fruits are added to it and placed in the refrigerator for a whole night, and eaten the next day.

How to eat oatmeal as a snack

  • Granola: It is a mixture rich in calories, consisting of oats, dried fruits, and nuts. Only half a cup of granola contains 200-300 calories. It can be eaten with milk as a calorie-rich snack. 
  • Smoothies: Smoothies are good options for those who suffer from thinness, as they can get a lot of calories without feeling full, and smoothies can be prepared from oats by adding oats, bananas, yogurt, milk, ice cubes, and desired flavorings. A cup of them contains approximately 300 calories, and these calories can be enhanced by putting various additives.

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